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“Like meeting an old friend...” is how Susan described her reaction when first reading about Babaji in An Autobiography of a Yogi years ago. She still gets teary when recalling that sudden recognition and the intense grief she felt when, later in the book, Babaji was leaving. Trusting Him completely and calling upon Him when in need, her life has been punctuated by reassuring incidents. Two of these occurred while bicycling. Once, when riding through a tropical park with dense undergrowth, she had suddenly been gripped by a sense of danger. By praying to Baba and repeating the mantra, she had immediately been able to relax; but later she learned that a woman had been attacked in that same place. Another time, while on retreat in an unfamiliar place, she and her son had attempted to bicycle to the coast. Not knowing which road to take they had stopped. “Look there‘s Babaji!” she had suddenly exclaimed. ”Let’s follow Him!” They did, even though her son had not seen anyone. When they reached the beach, there was no sign of Babaji, but she’s convinced that He had shown them the way.


Several times, while feeling in intense distress, Susan has let Him guide her into healing situations. Most recently she was inspired to come spend a month at the ashram. When she found herself stranded in Denver, she again decided to surrender and let Babaji take over. Within hours a friend of a friend offered to drive her down here. At one point she was overcome by thirst and they stopped for something to drink. Later they saw a bad accident. If she had not insisted on that break, they might well have been involved. Here at the ashram she’s had a vision-like experience while meditating in front of one of Baba’s pictures. As if coming alive, He had spread His arms wide and shown her the infinity of His presence. Affirming her continued trust, Susan is sure that He will give her the clarity of mind she came to find here.


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