A Wonderful First Visit

My wonderful experience in the Ashram was very nice and I really li​​ked how the people here make everything natural and organic.  I learned that I have to let go and enliven my inner being.  It is our first trip to the Ashram.



My family and I would always learn something in the Ashram because of things the residents show here. My brother learned that there are many mantras just for arrati and that there are specific timings for everything in the Ashram, and he also learned that there are different yogas.​


My mom learned that you have to have kindly manners and you always have to deal with anything in peace never violence.  My mom wasn't able to sit on the floor at evening aarati because it is painful for her.  But she noticed that in the morning 90 percent of the pain was gone because God took it away because she helped clean, dress, and make the Divine Mother beautiful so she was able to sit on the floor at aarati and fire ceremony.


My father learned from Babaji's readings to be kind and nice to everyone, and that serving humans is serving God.  Overall it is a very memorable trip and every one is so nice and we will definitely come back.





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