Sabina Met Shri Babaji in 1972

June 10, 2015

My dad says that I met Babaji in 1972 when I was six years old. Babaji was in Nepal at the time and he went to visit my Uncle’s house.  (It was the only time that Shri Babaji left India!)


The first time we came to the Ashram was in 2002. My brother-in-law was a patient of cancer and he wanted to come to the temple here.  After visiting the temple, we had a special attraction to this place, and we kept coming back.


I stayed here for 10 days in 2009 with my daughter. This visit helped me grow closer to Ramloti, Jonathan, and Prem, and I also saw how much all of them sacrifice for the Ashram. So now when I bring people to the Ashram, I tell them all about karma yoga so that they can also work hard while staying here.


Being at the Ashram makes me really calm and it really balances me. I come here to recharge myself every month. I feel like Ramloti is my second mother and this is my second home.

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