Gita Comes to the Ashram

June 10, 2015

I come to the Ashram because it is such a beautiful place. It feels like you’re in Nepal or India and it has that same energy.


I first came here with my mother eight years ago. I was at this turning point where I was coming out of being raised in an Indian subculture and I was shifting into my own spiritual journey. After visiting this Ashram, I went to the Denver Hare Krishna Temple.  This is what I wanted, instead of just following what my parents wanted. I grew up in an Ashram, and I was 26 when I first started seeking for myself and visiting various spiritual centers.


I didn’t come back to the Ashram until I was 30, but there’s always been an attraction to this place. I always meet so many wonderful people. This ashram is different than the Hindu lineage that I was raised in, but you know it’s all the same. And it feels like home here.

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