Sushmitha, Bodhini, & Families' Reflections

June 7, 2015


Sushmita and Bodhini came with their husbands and children to the Ashram yesterday.  When asked about her experience with the Ashram, this is what Sushmita said:


I first came to the Ashram two years ago and I come several times a year now. I love the peace and positive vibes here. Your mind gets refreshed every time you come here. We like to cook in the kitchen here and I enjoy the fire ceremonies as well.


Sushmita has a seven year old daughter, Dhriti (Dhriti means “patient”). Dhriti had this to say about the Ashram:


I like coming to the Ashram because it’s peaceful and I like shopping in the shop. I like the magnets and pendants in the shop. At home, I do puja with my mom.


Sushmita’s friend, Bodhini, also talked about her Ashram experience:


I came to the Ashram two years ago with Sushmita’s family and one other family. It’s peaceful here and it seems like a whole different world. When I’m in the temple, it feels like it’s only the Devi (mother) and me. I have no worries and I forget about everything except sitting in front of Devi. When I first came here, I decorated Devi for Navaratri and took a smaller Devi to the creek. Ramloti Ma allowed me to do this and it was a great privilege. In India, we weren’t allowed to decorate or bathe the deities. Only priests were allowed to do that.

When I first met Ramloti, I touched her feet and I felt like she is like mother with a very pure heart.


Sushmita has a 14 year-old daughter named Mohini. This is what Mohini sad about the Ashram:


I like coming here because it’s quiet and there’s nice weather. I like being in the temple also. My favorite god is Krishna and I like reading stories about Krishna that my Uncle brings back from India.


Sushmita also has a 12 year-old son name Arvind. This is what Arvind said about the Ashram:


It’s quiet here and the grass in front of the Earthship reminds me of the Shire in the Lord of the Rings. It’s fun to walk around here and it’s happy here.

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