Some Interviews with Visitors

May 28, 2015


As I said in my last post that I would try to ask some of our visitors over Memorial Day Weekend about why they come to Ashram.  Here is my first family, the Agarwal's from Denver.


When asked why she and her family come to the ashram, this is what Anita said:

I came here because I get great peace after coming here and I want my children to learn our heritage and they have.  The girls ask now to come, my oldest, Pratima, is 21 now and headed to medical school and she was only 1 month old when we first came. We just heard about a Lakshmi Temple and by Mother’s grace we found our way here. We come several times a year.


Pratima has been in the University of Boston and every time she comes home, we come to the ashram. She feels it helps here in the school year especially at exam times.


Anshu is just graduating from high school and is headed for U.C. Berkeley. She likes to come because it changes the mood of the whole family, more refined, more refreshed, more peaceful. She says she puts herself in a lot of stress with school and activities so it is a good break for her to come to the temple for the day.


Pramod, the father, said:

We first went to the Hanuman Temple and I’ve always been a devotee of Hanuman. When I go there I feel such mental peace and coming to the Lakshmi Temple is like going to heaven. I really let go of a lot of stress. 


Next I interviewed Shyama from Denver.  Here is her response.


Why is the Ashram important to me?

It was 1992 when we first came to Baba’s Ashram here in Crestone, Colorado. Some one told us that there is a temple at Crestone you might like to visit. So we came over and we not only liked it, we loved it. Since then, it became our second home. We have to be here at least twice a year if not more.

            During all these year we have a lot of good memories. One is during my sleep here in the Ashram, I dreamed that Ramloti was asking me to make a mala for next morning. Suddenly, I woke up. Next morning, she asked me to make a similar mala and even the flowers were the same as my dream.  Second, I was going through a hard time with my health and my husband got me here to the Ashram so I would feel better. Next morning, Ramloti preformed a fire ceremony and gave some advice, which helped me go through that hard time. I will never forget that. Every time we see her she sings my favorite bhajans, those make me happy. It is Babaji's mercy that we still come here and it’s like our second home. 


Finally here is an interview with Prashant Sharma from Colorado Springs.


Ramloti: So Prashant, your family goes to India and the first thing you do is come to the Ashram. Why is that?

Prashant: When my family left, I started feeling very alone, and when you are alone Mother is the first thing you think of. I wanted to come to visit the Divine Mother at the Ashram. I feel love and spirituality in the atmosphere here at the Ashram.

Ramloti: Tell us about when you first came.

Prashant: I came here the day before Christmas, in 2006. We went to different spiritual centers here in Crestone with Ramloti. immediately we fell in love with everything out here, so we started coming to the Ashram regularly, at least 3-4 times a year. The Ashram is kind of our second home now. We are always longing to come back. My kids, Suhani and Yash, they really enjoy the atmosphere at the Ashram and they love Ramloti grandma. Suhani is 10yrs old and Yash is 6yrs old. We also appreciate the generosity of Jonhathan and Premanand.


A good part of what keeps bringing us back here is the core values of this place. The daily routines of aarti, karma yoga, and fire ceremony keep us connected to our roots and culture. These practices have a deep effect that help us in progressing on the path of our spiritual journey.



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