Why People Come to the Ashram

May 23, 2015

Today as we all sat together at our weekly Ashram meeting, Premanand commented on how we have more and more visitors each year.  Rita walked in for part of the meeting and commented on how Shri Babaji and the Divine Mother are sending such devoted and kind people to the Ashram.  This is all very true, we are currently nine at the Ashram and for Memorial Day Weekend we have 25 folks staying with quite a waiting list and many, many more coming for day visits.  


When we ask folks why they come and what they are looking for, we often hear similar reasons.  People are wanting to have more peace, joy, and a deeper connection to the Divine in their lifes.  They are also looking for community and a place that feels like home.  This is what they feel when they come here.  As visitors come this weekend, I will try to interview them and post a blog.

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