International Haidakhandi Journal Special Edition in honor of
Shri Maha Muni Raj Maharaj ji, Trilok Singh

July 16th 1929 – August 4th 2012 

Interview with Shri Muniraji


by Ramloti on site in India - January 2001 



RL: Muniraj, when did you meet Babaji?


M: (Muniraj, as interpreted by Gauradevi.) The first time I saw Babaji, I met Him in the Kathgaria Ashram, close to Haldwani. Yet, I knew of Babaji before, when I was in the hospital and had to undergo an operation in 1960. Then Babaji gave darshan to me in the hospital. Then Babaji pulled me to Haidakhan in 1971. 


RL: And was that the first time you went to Haidakhan and what was your experience?


M: Yes, it was my first time there and it was wonderful. I had the feeling that I had been in Haidakhan before--I knew the place from before, that was the feeling.


RL: When Babaji appeared to you in the hospital, did you know he was your Guru?


M: That time I was in the hospital, I did not realize that it was Babaji that appeared to me. But when I met Babaji in the physical body, I realized that it was the same Being whom I had met before in the hospital, the night before the operation.


RL: Can you give me a very strong experience you had with Babaji?


M: After I met Babaji, I had different visions of Him, like seeing different forms of the Divine and like seeing His form change. The strongest feeling I had was the feeling of having been with Babaji probably for many lifetimes. I felt this connection, the feeling of this old, ancient connection.


RL: And why do you think Baba came into manifestation this last time?


M: One of the main things is that He taught people to repeat the OM NAMAH SHIVAYA mantra, and now this mantra is spread all over the earth. And then He taught people to live in Truth, Simplicity and Love, and to lead their lives according to these principles. Also He told people that in this yuga, this time, the highest form of yoga is karma yoga.


RL: And how do you see people doing after Babaji left his body?


M: I don’t have any feeling that Babaji is gone. There is no AFTER Babaji to me.

And all the centers and ashrams running all over the world nowadays, they are all running because of Babaji’s inspiration

RL: And even when the ashrams have difficult times, still, they should keep running and doing their work?

M: It is normal to have difficulties, always difficulties come and difficulties go. The difficulties make us stronger; they always teach us something.

RL: What advice would you give people?

M: People should go on according to the teachings that they got from Babaji, and the main teaching is karma yoga. And also, one of the main principles of Babaji is to be human. Also, He never taught us to quit our religion. He always taught us that every religion has the same value.

When people really love Babaji and really have this connection with Him, they can never really have difficulties or problems. When they have devotion and love for Babaji, they can never be really in trouble. All the new people who are coming now, Baba keeps giving them strong experiences.

RL: Why did Babaji leave you in this role?

M: This I don’t know. I am trying my best to do the duty that Babaji has given me, and what ever is going on, what ever is happening, is always because of Baba’s constant inspiration.

RL: Muniraj, you do your particular spiritual practice every morning and evening: puja, fire ceremony, aarati, japa, meditation; is this a very important way to stay in close connection with Babaji?

M: Yes, because whichever practice you do, this is creating a link with the divine.

RL: There are new people who come to the Ashram who don’t have a spiritual practice, and want to learn one. They are coming to aarati and doing karma yoga, what else would you recommend?

M: In the beginning, just teach them in a simple way: japa (repetition of the name), meditation, spiritual reading.

RL: You also read the Sapta Sati every morning and evening, is this a good thing?

M: Yes, it is for Goddess. You know, each practice corresponds to a spiritual stage, so whichever practice you do, this creates a certain spiritual stage in your life. Reading the Sapta Sati is to create a connection with the Divine Mother.

Before Shri Babaji left His body in 1984, He clearly indicated that Shri Muniraji should be the one to guide us. For these last 28 years, Shri Muniraji has humbly and steadfastly led the Babaji family by his example, simple words, love and devotion. He passed away on August 4, 2012 and we all deeply miss his wise and peaceful presence. What follows is a short video from four days before he died, a special edition of the Haidakhand Samaj International Journal in his honor and an Interview with him from 2001.

Shri Muniraji

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