I was participating in a yoga retreat; it was nearing the end and I was sitting in a room to myself reading aloud from Yogananda's book when all of a sudden this beautiful life-size picture of Mahavatar Babaji fell into my lap, and I only recognized him because the form was the same as in the book. I have no idea where it came from, it seemed to fall from the sky. 


Soon afterwards I flew to Mexico, but just before my trip I was browsing in a book store when Shivani's book 'Meeting with truth' literally fell into my hands, and even though I didn't know who she was I decided to purchase it. So I was in Mexico for a few weeks, I read the book many times and started to connect with the teachings. One evening I was alone, standing on the edge of the beach where a lagoon flowed continuously into the ocean. I noticed how the entire lagoon, which stretched for many miles through the town, was filled with garbage and sewage and realized that people were using it as their personal garbage disposal. I recall thinking how awful it was that the water was mixing into the ocean where people swim every day of the year. I quickly ran next door where my friend was house sitting to borrow a rake so I could pull out the garbage. In less than five minutes, by the time I returned with the rake and to my utter astonishment, the entire lagoon was sparkling clean. There was nothing I could have done to make it any cleaner.


I knew that it was Babaji. If only he could do more things like that!


Joelle Oman   

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