Mukhandi Lal


My given name is Marco. I had met Shri Muniraji in 1986 but after that I moved to Jamaica. During 1988 there was a huge hurricane in Jamaica which flattened all of the jungle around my home. During that night I stayed up all night playing my drum and singing Om Namah Shivaya and we were protected. After that I told my girlfriend we should go to India and give thanks to Babaji.


So we came to Chilianaula for ten days and then to Haidakhan for ten days. During that time I hiked up to Mount Kailash and I never wanted to leave.


After that I went back to Italy and I spent three weeks in my bedroom and thought about what I had to do with my life. On one hand I knew that when I was in Haidakhan I had one lunghi, one blanket, some rice and dahl, and I had everything. On the other side, I was managing this big business of organizing concerts. I had three telephones, one mobile phone, two secretaries, and things like this. The question was, what did I want to do?


So then I came back to India. At that time I had very long hair, one meter of dread locks, and then I made mundan and everything changed. After that I met Turkantam and I began to travel with him around the world and make music together.

When I was in Italy, I started to make aarati in my house, in Rome. Many people started to come, many new people. Now I stay in Haidakhan most of the time. I stay here because it is like paradise. I feel like to spend my life in Haidakhan is to offer my energy to Baba and to everybody. For me Haidakhan Vishva Mahadham. (Haidakhan is the center of the Universe.)

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