At the age of ten, when I was taught the history of Jesus, I was greatly saddened by the fact that certain people had not understood who He was and had even crucified Him. I had no idea what was necessary to recognize Jesus and wondered if, under similar circumstances, I would have been able to do so. Therefore, in my prayers, I asked God to make sure that, should He come to earth or send someone like Jesus, I would have the ability to recognize this Being.


Many years later I used to regularly shop at an esoteric bookstore, often buying books on yoga. One day the owner told me that she had a book that would interest me: it was “The Autobiography of a Yogi”. She normally did not try to influence my choices and never made suggestions. I looked at the book but did not like the cover at all. Next time I returned to the store, the owner again suggested it, assuring me that it was very good and that she was certain I would like it. I looked at it again, leafed through it, but no, I could not get myself to buy it. When she mentioned it a third time, I decided there had to be something. This person never advised me like that and, at any rate, would not have insisted. For once, despite my doubts and resistance, I decided to trust her. I bought the book, devoured it, and adored it. I immediately read it a second time. And naturally I was deeply moved by Babaji, the Yogi-Christ, so touched to know that such a Being was here on earth, at this very moment. I felt a great desire to meet Him. But I immediately dismissed the thought. Who was I to meet Him? He seemed so far away and unattainable.


On a later visit to the bookstore, the owner immediately asked whether I had liked the book. Yes, of course! As we talked, she picked up a copy of the “Autobiography of a Yogi”, showed me a picture of Babaji and told me that she meditated in front of Him--this great Being--every day. Yes, yes, I thought, it’s all wonderful, but too far from me... And I didn’t respond to this sign.


Several years later, when I began rebirthing, I came across a book by Leonard Orr in which Babaji was mentioned. And immediately, without a shadow of a doubt, I knew it was the same Babaji. In that Book Leonard spoke of Babaji in the present tense, and this set off a storm of emotions and thoughts in me. He was here, in a body! What to do? However, despite the joy of knowing where He was, a sudden fear of meeting God, in any form, arose in me. A few paragraphs later Leonard wrote that Babaji had left His body in 1984. Once again I saw that this was not for me.


I then took the rebirthing training and heard someone mention an aarati ceremony to honor Babaji’s samadhi. I immediately knew I wanted to attend, even though I felt some apprehensions. The only ceremony I knew was the Holy Mass and I resented the preachy sermons. I went anyway and fell “under the spell” of Babaji, the chants and the offering of light, water, air, earth and ether. After that I returned as often as possible and later even went to India to Babaji’s ashrams.


This is how it all began. Today I’m filled with gratitude that Babaji led me to Him and I consider it a real privilege and benediction. Like a magnet, He is pulling me closer and closer still, and daily I feel my love for Him growing. Thank you, God, for having fulfilled my prayers.

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