I came first to Haidakhan in 1980. Babaji brought me here from Vrindaban. My guru was Mahendra Baba (the saint that came before Babaji and foretold His return). Babaji was very often coming to Vrindaban and when He first asked me to come to Haidakhan I was at first reluctant to come.


Finally, Babaji said now you just come for a visit to Haidakhan. When I first came to Haidakhan after one weekBabaji asked me how I liked it here. I told Him it was so beautiful in Haidakhan. Baba said you want to stay and I said no, I want to go home. At that time my brother was already here and my brother told me that I should stay here with Babaji. It is better you stay here. So I decided to stay.


I spent very good times here with Babaji. I never knew that Babaji would one day leave us. Babaji told me that if you do not like the food from the kitchen that I will make you one kitchen. Then all the people gave me much love and that is why I stay here. This is the place of Babaji and if I make puja to Babaji then I enjoy all of the time and I never want to leave.


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