Since the middle 80’s when I first became aware of Haidakhan Babaji, He has held a place in my heart. At that time I lived in Denver and came to Crestone as often as possible. I was there for the wonderful experience of the first dedication, also the peace celebration at the Baca Convention Center.


Many years before, Babaji had taken root in my soul while reading “Autobiography of a Yogi.” Little did I know that I would have my own Babaji experiences! The most memorable was when I was staying in Shivani’s home in the Baca. I was privileged to have stayed in her bedroom where she had a beautiful altar to Babaji. During that stay every person in her house, and everyone who came to visit, had the face of Babaji! I returned to Denver with the healing I needed so much. I have felt His love and healing over the years, in meditation as well as anytime when He speaks to me in his different speech pattern.


I have held meditation groups in my home over the past 25 years and people ask about His pictures. A few months ago a friend said she had a Babaji experience from looking at his picture while in meditation: He came closer and closer, until He was only inches from her face. She knows little about Him, but was quite moved by the experience.


Even though I am not active in the ashram any longer as I moved to Phoenix 8 years ago, Babaji is still very much part of my life and I strive to live in Truth, Simplicity and Love.


Blessing of Love and Light to All.


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