My story about coming to know Babaji was very miraculous because I did not believe in God before this time and I was very sad in this world. I had been in my house for 40 days because I had been using drugs and I decided to stop on my own. I was only nineteen. A friend of mine came and she brought me some presents and began to speak about Babaji. She had been to Haidakhan some months before. She took me to see the movie, the Mahabhararta (the story of Krishna and Arjuna). It felt like for three and a half hours I was watching my life on the screen and then I started to cry and I felt like a lot of poison came out.


After that I began to feel Babaji very strongly. Then I went to the Ashram in Cisternino and I stayed for forty days and it was somewhat difficult but also very nice. After that I began to work for three months in Italy and then come to India for several months. I love Haidakhan. This last time I have been here for five months in Haidakhan and it feels like my home.


For me Babaji is a great magician. He is God and can do whatever He likes. But I like the way He plays. I feel He is very sweet with me. At first He was hard because I was hard on myself, but now He has become sweet because I am easier on myself. I think that for everyone it is different since everyone understands Babaji's teachings in a different way.

For me, Babaji speaks very clearly in the aarati. I think it is easy because He gave us a few things that we can get everything from. I think the aarati awakens the knowledge that we have inside of ourselves and for me the aarati is the teaching for my life and brings peace inside.

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