I first heard about Babaji around 1983. In northern Italy, close to my village, there was the Maha Maya Ashram. I went to this Ashram and found out about their guru, Haidakhan Baba. I went several times there and experienced the aarati and singing bhajans. There I got very much in touch with the people's devotion and love for Babaji.


Then I had to do military service from the beginning of 1983 to the beginning of 1984. After that I wanted to come to India and to meet this Babaji.


When I arrived in Delhi, I met a man who was blond, with blue eyes, and barefoot. He asked me who I was and from where I had come. I told him and then he asked where I was going. I told him Banares, Katmandu, and finally said to see Haidakhan Baba. When I told him that he said that Babaji had gone up, that He had gone to God. This was February, 1984 just a few days after Baba’s Mahasamadhi. I thought to myself, that this is not possible that Babaji had left His body. Then this blond man just disappeared.

I then went to Banares and Katmandu and ended up going back to Italy. In Italy I found out that indeed Babaji had left His body and began to wonder who this man was that came to me. I began to realize that I really wanted to go to Haidakhan.


So I went to Haidakhan in 1985. By the grace of Babaji I was touched by the high energy there and also had some very special experiences at the dhuni (A sacred fire that is always burning in Haidakhan.) that I will never forget.


So now my life has changed and I am married to Asha who was introduced to me by Muniraji. And now my wife and I have a beautiful son, Sundar Lal. I am very grateful to Baba and Muniraj to have the chance to come to Haidakhan with such a small baby. So now my life will be different and we will go back to Italy and I will work and take care of my family.

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