I first came to Haidakhan in 1992 and stayed 3 weeks. At first I was thinking, where have I come, this is some kind of a sect. But then listening to Babaji’s messages I was feeling that it was right and that all of the things I had been trying to collect all the years before came together like a puzzle.


And so after one week I decided to jump into the experience while I was here and to decide after I returned to Austria. So when I went home to Austria I knew it was my way. I began to sing the aarati everyday and my life changed very much. I came back again in 1994 and stayed for one year. This is when I learned to serve in the dhuni and since then I have been able to spend most of my time in the dhuni and serve.


My husband, Seva Ram, who is not here just now, also serves in the dhuni. He first came here in 1994 because I did not want to leave Haidakhan so he came from Austria to pick me up and he also stayed.


I enjoy so much everything here in Haidakhan. For me it is paradise. I spend most of my time in the dhuni and I love this very much. I learn so much here. Every moment is a teaching from Babaji.

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