Maybe I was only one half hour in my room and Babaji came with a big stick and woke me up and brought me outside. I was so frightened because I thought he would beat me. And he did hit me across the back and when I saw it happening I thought, now I am finished. But when the stick hit me, it did not hurt so much. But then I ran down and started crying very much.


I went back to work but in a couple of minutes, Baba sent for me and I was thinking that Babaji would beat me. But when I went up, Baba was looking not so angry and not so happy.


I made pranam and Babaji asked me how I was. I showed Baba my hands and told Him this is why I am not able to work.


Babaji said, no problem, and gave me a big bag of His clothes. He said but in Haidakhan you can not take rest, even with broken hands you still do karma yoga. I said, okay what should I do now? And Baba said you can take rest.


When I went to my room I saw in the bag there were many clothes of Babaji’s and I gave them all away except for one sweater and one other piece. Afterwards, my father was very angry. He said how lucky I was to receive Babaji’s clothes and I gave them away to others.


Although I had asked Babaji many times if I could move to Haidakhan, He always said that first I had to finish my school in my village near Haldwani. He said that school is important for you. In 1984, after Baba’s Mahasamadhi, my father, Jaimal, brought me to Haidakhan and I began to work in his chai shop with him.


So now after many years, I have my own chai shop and I love it here. I never want to leave here. I do not want to go out of Haidakhan at all. I love the work at the chai shop and meeting and serving all the devotees from around the world.


I will always remember Babaji’s love from my earliest memories. I will always see the love in His face. If I ever think of leaving here, I just remember His love. For me, He is the Murti of Love.



My name means something green and is a name of Lord Vishnu. I first came to Haidakhan when I was very, very small with my mother in 1971 to see my father, Jaimal, who had recently come to Haidakhan. This first trip to Haidakhan, I was so young that I do not remember very much.


The first I remember were my trips to Haidakhan in 1973 and 1974. What I remember most is seeing Babaji. Although I did not really know or understand who Babaji was, when I saw Him He seemed to be the Murti of Love. I just wanted to watch Him and be near Him, I did not want to go away from Him.


I remember many stories with Babaji. I remember when I was working, even though I was so small, Babaji would tell me that I was a good worker and must be the uncle of my father, Jaimal, who was a good worker too.


One year in June after school was finished, I was in Haidakhan. Babaji put me down to work on Swamiji’s room. I remember after many days my fingers and hands were all broken (cut up) and I could not even move a stone. I told my father that I could not do any more karma yoga. My father told me that this is Haidakhan and you must do karma yoga. I said no. So he said I should go to Babaji and ask Him. So I went up the stairs but I did not go to Babaji, instead I went to my room and went to sleep.


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