After that first meeting, I accepted that He was the avatar and my devotion grew. I became very close with Babaji. I stayed here all the time and I have many experiences with Him. Understanding that He was an avatar, I knew that He knew everything, the past, the present, and the future. So all that was necessary was devotion.


I had many experiences confirming who Babaji was. Many times I asked inside and Babaji gave me many outward confirmations. One time I asked Babaji to show me a Mother form and He did. One time I asked to see Rama and He showed me. Anything I asked, He showed me.


I understood that I did not have to read a great deal or go elsewhere but only to follow what Babaji showed us to do practically and to repeat the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. That is why He came here, to show us how to live. Because everything we knew at one time is inside ourselves. So there is no need to go anywhere, we only need to surrender and follow God. Because everything comes from God. Babaji is the Lord of this time.


After Babaji left His body I left Haidakhan because I felt different. I first went to my home and then went to a temple and stayed there outside under a tree. I decided to do nothing but meditation. I stayed there for five months. Every moment I felt Babaji with me. Many miracles happened.


After five months I had a dream about Babaji and I felt it was time to go back to Haidakhan. So the next morning I returned here and have stayed here continually doing my karma yoga.


I feel that Babaji is always present here. It all depends on your faith and devotion. Babaji only left His body.


The purpose of this incarnation of Babaji was to show us, to teach us, to give confirmation to His devotees and then He left. He comes for understanding, to give us understanding. His physical body has left but if you know Him in your heart, He is always here. His soul is here guiding us and taking care of us.


I think it is good for people to come to and serve at Haidakhan. I believe when you are coming here from so far away to give service to the Ashram, you are giving a massage to Babaji’s feet.



My home town was near Nainital and when Babaji reappeared the message spread all over that Haidakhan Baba had reappeared.


In 1971 and 1972 there was one devotee in Haidakhan from my town. Babaji asked him to bring some builders here from his town and so he asked me if I would like to come with him to work in Haidakhan. So in 1973 when I was 23 years old, I brought six workers with me and came to Haidakhan.


When I first came here it was the first time that I saw Babaji. He was very simply dressed in a white longhotti and I made pranam to Him. He then took His toe and started to draw the first building to be built in Haidakhan. He told me to measure the proportions and that became the large sleeping hall near the temple.


When I first met Babaji I felt I had met a great old relative. And then the next morning when I saw Him, it was like seeing the moon with rays coming from Him. So my soul realized that He was not a normal man or a normal sadhu. My soul recognized the light and so I felt to stay in Haidakhan with Babaji. Babaji blessed me and He liked my work and He allowed me to stay in Haidakhan.

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