Gaura Devi


When I first met Babaji in 1972 He did not speak very often. He did not say much to me - only asked me from what country I came from. But that night, He came to me in my dream and said that He was my guru. He was walking in a dark forest in the dream with some disciples following Him and a light came out of Him.


The next day, He invited me and a few of my friends to Haidakhan and I did not go back to my country for the next five years because I began to follow Babaji everywhere. I realized that He was my teacher. Whenever I looked at Him this light that I saw in my dream would come out of His body. Every time I had a thought He could read them, and He was answering my every thought and feeling.


The Ashram in Haidakhan was not here at all in those times. There was only the temple and we would sleep out in the open. Babaji would sleep in a small dhuni where now the kirtan hall is built.


After five years, I had to go back to my country because I had no passport or visa anymore and the police caught up with me. This was because when I saw that they were not going to renew my visa, I burned my passport. So I had to go back to Italy to get a new passport and visa. When I came back I stayed for the next eight years in India.


After Baba left His body, I began to go back to Italy every summer. But even now I love to stay in Haidakhan. It is the place in the whole world that I like to stay. It is my home and it is a Divine place. I feel Babaji’s energy always everywhere I go but I feel it most strongly here. In Haidakhan I never forget about Him even for a second.

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