I first came to the Crestone ashram in 1992 to attend a spiritual retreat and to study the Course in Miracles and other spiritual practices. At that time I did not know anything about the ashram and was quite surprised.


The first aarati I attended was on the morning of the second day. I am a person who likes to eat (a lot!), and I usually eat breakfast right away, so I was rather hungry by the end of aarati. When I was given prasad, I ate those little nuts and bits of dried fruit, and my hunger instantly disappeared. I did not need breakfast that morning. I told this story to one of the Babaji devotees and she said, ”Oh, you had Babaji’s Darshan!”  Wow! Just like that, huh? It was actually quite dramatic that I would be so satisfied with a little bit of fruit.


In those early years I was trained in Rebirthing, was starting a business and seeing clients. One of the things I was working on, was prosperity consciousness. I was really wanting to affirm that I was worthy of receiving a fee for Rebirthing and that I could have abundance. One of my clients payed for a series with four $100 bills, cash. I thought that actually seeing $100 bills was a great way for me to affirm my prosperity. I distinctly remembered going to my wallet and putting them in there so they could be deposited.


The next day I was getting ready to go on a camping trip, and my niece was over at my house helping me get things ready. I asked her to please gather up all the trash cans and empty them out. She brought the one from the bathroom and dumped it into the kitchen trash can, and at the bottom were these four $100 bill, all wadded up! I have no explanation for how this could have happened, except as a leela from Babaji. Who knows how these things happen? I just had to smile and laugh. I sure was glad that I caught the money before it got dumped out.



Gale Derrick

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