Gaura Devi

When I first met Babaji in 1972 He did not speak very often. He did not say much to me - only asked me from what country I came from. But that night, He came to me in my dream and said that He was my guru. He was walking in a dark forest in the dream with some disciples following Him and a light came out of Him.


My name is Jonathan Yates and I have been living at the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram for a number of years now. I first read about Babaji in “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda, but he seemed rather etherical, distant and vague to me. I was living in a small ashram in Columbia, MO, at that time.


I’m Richard Cahall and I’m in the Kirtan Hall at the Haidakhandi Universal ashram in Crestone to tell my Babaji story.

The journey began in 2001 when my teachers, Jim and Sari Trusa (?) invited me to attend an evening of Babaji-related events in Florida.


Of all the special moments with Babaji I would like to tell some that just randomly come to mind now. While I consider myself lucky to have spent some time in Haidakhan when Babaji was still in His body, at the time I found it very difficult, as we had to follow such a strict and demanding regime.

B.M.L Saxena

Early in year 1975, while reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda my attention became mainly focused on the chapters on Babaji. I repeatedly read these chapters with an effort to digest every sentence. I was deeply drawn towards the existence of such a divinity in flesh on the Earth.


In the summer of 1999 I packed up my tent and my tambourine and headed west to spend three weeks in the desert. At least that ‘s what was in my mind as I prepared to go. I was taking my son to Philmont Scout Ranch and planned to wait for him while he experienced the three-week Rayado in...


In 1991 I began having some difficulties breathing. I first noticed it at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, when, during the excitement on the street I felt my breath catch and had to take huge gulps of air to get my breathing back on track.


I read in the Haidikhan Samaj newsletter that you were collecting stories from people on how Babaji came into their lives.

He came into my life in a most extraordinary way, demonstrating without a doubt that He is truly Maha Prabuji Lord Shiva Himself.


When I was 23, I was on a search for a true spiritual path. I was obsessed, read every spiritual book I could find. I was turned off by most religions but wanted to overcome the ego-related insecurities I struggled with.


Bob’s personal transformation and gradual awakening to his spiritual needs began early in his career as a chiropractor. While attending a professional seminar, he received bodywork which resulted in a dramatic release and a marked improvement in his ability to breathe.


My earliest recollection concerning God took place in second grade in Catholic school, when the nun tried to convey the idea of God and religion to us. I had the feeling that she didn’t really know or understand God herself, so I remember thinking “Before I die, I am going to find out the truth about this.


What keeps becoming true for me over the years of yoga study, like an illusive peekaboo moon, is that my true self is beyond my mind and when I let go of doing and trying, it is waiting within. Babaji began cracking this de-lusionary mind in many ways. I seem to need daily reminders or I get inflated with ego.


The following are excerpts from a much longer personal account.

Two weeks before my wedding in March of 1988, I felt some low back strain.


Being creatures bound by time and space, our spiritual journeys often extend over many years, highlighted here and there by just enough memorable experiences to reassure us that, yes, we’re still on track.


At the age of ten, when I was taught the history of Jesus, I was greatly saddened by the fact that certain people had not understood who He was and had even crucified Him. I had no idea what was necessary to recognize Jesus and wondered if, under similar circumstances, I would have been able to do so.


My story about coming to know Babaji was very miraculous because I did not believe in God before this time and I was very sad in this world. I had been in my house for 40 days because I had been using drugs and I decided to stop on my own. I was only nineteen.


I first came to Haidakhan in 1987 with a group led by Sondra Ray. Earlier in my life, I had a dream of a home nestled in the hills with two windows. In my dream this always felt like my real home.


I first got a visa to go to India in 1970. At that time the embassy where I got the visa, also issued a card on which it said “June 1970!” I like to think that somehow this was an indicator (seen in retrospect of course) of meeting Babaji, as June 1970 is frequently given as the date for Babaji beginning His mission.

Mukhandi Lal

My given name is Marco. I had met Shri Muniraji in 1986 but after that I moved to Jamaica. During 1988 there was a huge hurricane in Jamaica which flattened all of the jungle around my home. During that night I stayed up all night playing my drum and singing Om Namah Shivaya and we were protected.

Hari Prasad

My name is Jose (Apatx) Latorre, my Hindu name is Hari Prasad. My story with Mahavatar Babaji is long but very beautiful. I will try my best to make this long story short. It’s just that every detail is such a wonder!


Since the middle 80’s when I first became aware of Haidakhan Babaji, He has held a place in my heart. At that time I lived in Denver and came to Crestone as often as possible. I was there for the wonderful experience of the first dedication, also the peace celebration at the Baca Convention Center.


I came first to Haidakhan in 1980. Babaji brought me here from Vrindaban. My guru was Mahendra Baba (the saint that came before Babaji and foretold His return). Babaji was very often coming to Vrindaban and when He first asked me to come to Haidakhan I was at first reluctant to come.


I first came to Haidakhan in 1992 and stayed 3 weeks. At first I was thinking, where have I come, this is some kind of a sect. But then listening to Babaji’s messages I was feeling that it was right and that all of the things I had been trying to collect all the years before came together like a puzzle.


“Like meeting an old friend...” is how Susan described her reaction when first reading about Babaji in An Autobiography of a Yogi years ago. She still gets teary when recalling that sudden recognition and the intense grief she felt when, later in the book, Babaji was leaving.


My name means something green and is a name of Lord Vishnu. I first came to Haidakhan when I was very, very small with my mother in 1971 to see my father, Jaimal, who had recently come to Haidakhan. This first trip to Haidakhan, I was so young that I do not remember very much.


I first heard about Babaji around 1983. In northern Italy, close to my village, there was the Maha Maya Ashram. I went to this Ashram and found out about their guru, Haidakhan Baba. I went several times there and experienced the aarati and singing bhajans...


It was curiosity that led me to the temple in Crestone, back in 1990. Intrigued by a small sign indicating the footpath, I hiked up the hill and was surprised to find this jewel of a shrine hidden among the trees. To my good fortune Rhade Shyam was there to greet me. He had just “fed Mother” and gave me some prasad.


Before I met Babaji, I had heard that He was an incarnation of Lord Shiva. When I first met Babaji in Haldwani, I felt He was a Divine Being and I began to feel this very beautiful sensation in my heart.


My home town was near Nainital and when Babaji reappeared the message spread all over that Haidakhan Baba had reappeared.

In 1971 and 1972 there was one devotee in Haidakhan from my town.

Kali Shani

Like many others, the first I heard about Babaji was a long, long time back through the book, Autobiography of a Yogi.

I had been in India for three or four years and when I went back to Italy I heard, from a friend, for the first time about this present incarnation of Babaji. 


I was participating in a yoga retreat; it was nearing the end and I was sitting in a room to myself reading aloud from Yogananda's book when all of a sudden this beautiful life-size picture of Mahavatar Babaji fell into my lap, and I only recognized him because the form was the same as in the book.


In 1992 I was in the process of dissolving a 30-year marriage. I was living on my own in a little log cabin in Virginia, and was having these persistent dreams of a beautiful man who was my lover. That summer I was taking a workshop with Leonard Orr, which was offered at someone’s home.


I’m Darrell Laird from Tauranga in New Zealand and I’m recording this story in 2008 during Fall Navratri at the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram in Crestone, CO. 
In March 1989 I attended a workshop in Tauranga, New Zealand and we did a visualization during which I was traveling to many places. 


I first came to the Crestone ashram in 1992 to attend a spiritual retreat and to study the Course in Miracles and other spiritual practices.  At that time I did not know anything about the ashram and was quite surprised.


I have put off writing this for many years because my understanding of the many experiences that I had with Shri Babaji keep deepening, even after 28 years. I feel Babaji has been in my life forever; I even used to call my grandfather Baba.

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