Bob’s personal transformation and gradual awakening to his spiritual needs began early in his career as a chiropractor. While attending a professional seminar, he received bodywork which resulted in a dramatic release and a marked improvement in his ability to breathe. The therapist recommended that he check into rebirthing as a way to continue the process. He did so with Katra in Ft. Lauderdale and found it very healing. When he heard about LRT (Loving Relationships Training), he attended several seminars and then decided to do a 10-day intensive with Sondra Ray on Paradise Island in the Bahama. Invited to attend aarati, he did so and came away feeling better in his heart and soul than he ever had. He had found peace.


In 1986 he went to Chilianaula with Sondra. He was a bit skeptical about the rituals, having been turned off by Catholicism in his youth. Over the years, he had checked out different churches, but he had never felt anything. It had always just been a mental search. So he was surprised when, while standing in line to pranam to Babaji’s picture, he started to cry. He became aware of a strong connection from deep within his chest and felt totally at peace. He has never seen Baba, has not smelled Him, but to this day he has a strong internal sense of belonging, of being connected.


Although Bob has not always maintained an active practice, he now has a meditation room and occasionally performs aarati, as it still brings him peace. When his partner was dying of AIDS a few years ago, he often asked Bob to play bhajans for him. They seemed to give him strength. Service is Bob’s main focus in life. Besides helping his clients with their health problems, he has helped many people die. He’s also involved with a charity in Honduras and does fund-raising for them. Occasionally he feels that Babaji is giving him directions, as when he was “told” to buy a house when he had not even been looking for one. Dreams about it persisted until he finally bought it. Babaji is very much his guru and he finds peace and refuge in Him.


Bob Walsh

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