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The Haidakhandi Universal Ashram is a spiritual community and pilgrimage center inspired by Haidakhan Babaji and dedicated to the Divine Mother. It was established in 1986 and is located at the base of the beautiful 14,000-foot Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Southern Colorado on 101 acres of pristine land. This area, sacred to Native Americans because of its spiritual power, is also home to several other spiritual traditions such as the Catholic Carmelites, Tibetan Buddhists, Zen Buddhists, and Shinji Shumeikai.


Life at the Ashram is guided by the life-style we lived with Shri Babaji at His Ashram in Haidakhan. His main teachings were to live lives of truth, simplicity, love, and service. The inviting atmosphere of the Ashram creates a sense of community and loving family. Many are drawn here to experience this sense of love and belonging. 


In keeping with Babaji's teaching of simplicity, we strive to live and build in sustainable ways with an organic garden and greenhouse, our own water system, photovoltaic-derived electricity, and solar heating. Service is an ongoing aspect of the Ashram, primarily the service needed to maintain, sustain, and enhance the facilities so that pilgrims and seekers may come here from around the world to pray, meditate, worship, and serve.....  

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2349 Camino Baca Grande, Crestone CO 81131

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