The Divine Mother's 30th Birthday

The Haidakhandi Universal Ashram
The American Haidakhan Samaj
Cordially invite you to the
30th Birthday Celebration
Our Divine Mother
Vishveshwari – Divine Mother of the Universe
Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21st, 2019
At the
Haidakhandi Universal Ashram
In Crestone, Colorado USA


A Time to Come Together and Share our Love and Passion for Community, Practice, Devotion, and Caring For Our Mother Earth
Festivities will begin on Guru Purnima Day, July 16th

Karma Yoga projects & devotional practice mini-workshops, all are welcome! July 17-19

The schedule for the whole week follows:

Here is more information about the Special Events for the  Celebration Week, July 17 – 21 

Join us for any or all of these very wonderful events!


Karma Yoga Mornings 9:30am - 12:30pm July 17-19

Karma Yoga is the yoga of selfless action. Yoga means coming into union with the universal soul or the Divine. By performing service without attachment to the rewards, one can reach that state of oneness with the Supreme Being. Come together with others at the Ashram, July 17-19 and contribute your selfless love and service.

There are many ways to serve, if you do not see one listed that is right for you, we can find one for you. 

We will meet in the Earthship at 9:30 am and conclude with LUNCH at 12:30 pm. 

     • Wednesday 17th:Stucco patching party! Washing Temple walls

     • Thursday 18th: Wood gathering, weeding, washing Temple walls, painting

     • Friday 19th: Deep Temple cleaning/decorating forMother’s Celebration!


Mini-Workshop Afternoons 2pm - 5pm (July 17 and 18)

• Wednesday 17th: Simple Puja - Why do millions of people around the world begin their morning with a “puja”? Pu means merit; Ja means to give birth. Puja is that which gives birth to merit, which

is the privilege to sit in the presence of God. Puja is an ancient system of worship designed to guide the mind to this experience. We will hear experiences of people who regularly perform puja and learn a very simple puja ceremony, offering flowers, incense, and water; that you can take home for your own use. 


• Thursday 18th: Simple Fire Ceremony - Fire is used as a form of worship in religions around the world. It is a source of energy that transforms all that interacts with it; you can feel that sitting next

to one. For thousands of years the people of India have used fire and the vibration of sounds (mantras) to create harmony within the participants and with all created elements. We will learn a simple fire ceremony you can perform in your own home. It is recommended that you take the Wednesday puja workshop in preparation but not a prerequisite.                                                                                                              


Divine Mother 30th Anniversary Celebration

The weekend of JULY 20 & 21

Saturday 10 am - Celebration Opening with Hanne Strong and sharing from many different traditions about Divine Mother and Mother Earth. Followed by an Indian Feast.  

2-5pm Harvest ideas & Integration sessions. 


Sunday 9am - Haidakhandeswari Sapta Sati Reading (700 Verses in honor of the Divine Mother)

10 am - Divine Mother Fire Ceremony followed by Celebration, opened with Taiko drumming, followed by dance, music, readings, and meditations.

12:30pm- Huge Indian Feast.

Curious about the beginnings of the Ashram and how Divine Mother's murti (statue) was brought to the Ashram? Read about it in the January 2018 Newsletter.


We hope you can attend all or any of this special time at the Ashram.
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